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(pronounced: jhan/koz)

Jazz Trumpet Artist, Composer & Educator

Renowned jazz trumpeter Jean Caze, stands as a prominent figure in today's jazz scene. His magnetic performances have graced stages alongside icons such as Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Al Jarreau, Roy Hargrove, Arturo Sandoval, and George Duke, among others. Currently serving as the featured soloist for Michael Bublé worldwide, Jean's musical journey traces back to his roots in Queens, NY, where his passion ignited at the age of nine. By his senior year, he showcased his talent on national television with "Chicago" on NBC.


Jean's dedication to his craft earned him scholarships, accolades, and widespread recognition, culminating in a Bachelor's degree from Manhattan School of Music and a Master's from Florida International University. Noteworthy achievements include securing second place in the 2007 Thelonius Monk International Jazz Trumpet Competition and claiming victory in both the 2004 National Trumpet Jazz Competition and the 2006 International Trumpet Guild Jazz Competition.


Throughout his career, Jean has remained committed to musical innovation, blending his Haitian heritage with American jazz influences, evident in albums such as "Miami Jazz Scene" (2007) and "Amédé" (2015). Joining Michael Bublé's band in 2010 marked a pivotal moment, further solidifying his stature in the industry. In 2014, Jean was honored as a Yamaha performing artist, showcasing his exceptional talent and versatility.


Beyond his performances, Jean is a dedicated educator, imparting his expertise to aspiring musicians and earning acclaim for his lyrical tone and inventive approach. Recognized as a "True Improviser" and drawing comparisons to jazz legend Miles Davis, Jean signed an artist management deal in 2017, signaling a new chapter in his career. As anticipation builds, Jean prepares to unveil his latest album in 2025, preceded by the release of several singles, promising yet another milestone in his illustrious musical journey.

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